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Labor of Love 5K / 1mi Race Update

The Labor of Love Race was a success, it was a BEAUTIFUL celebration of Honduras and a wonderful victory for the Micah Project. Over 350 people participated in the race, where MICAH gave away over 50 prizes. In all, it was a HUGE success, even the weather mostly cooperated after Isaac rolled through that weekend.

In particular, the two pieces of pottery that Hondurasarts donated were quite popular and the large vase filled a WHOLE PAGE of silent auction bidding! Jeanette took a picture of the happy winner of the vase and you can see from the expression on her face, that she will treasure it and give it a good home.

In addition, 2 of the Micah graduates were at the race with the director of the house, Michael Miller. One of the graduates actually won a medal! It was so exciting to see everything come together just as  planned. I hope you enjoy the pictures. is proud to have been a part of such a wonderful event. Truly, there was A LOT of love for Honduras at the race, and we hope to do it again next year– at this point, I think it is probable that there will be a second Labor of Love!


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Santos Arzú Quioto – Honduras Painter

Santos Arzú Quioto (1963) is one of the key creators of contemporary art in Honduras. His first works were based in a modern plastic context, but evolved to eventually turn into something experimental and contemporary. This evolution was very much influenced by his academic background in sociology. In 1982 he made his first public appearance with the sample of paintings called Drawings, where he focused on portraits. In fact, a decade later, it can be seen in his artwork that his expertise relied on portrait paintings. However, in 1995 his work hat an immense turn with his project “Temple in Ruins” or “Templo in Ruinas” in Spanish, which became the backbone of Honduran contemporary art. With this painting Arzú won the first prize in the “III Bienal de Pintura del Caribe y Centroamérica” in (Santo Domingo, 1996). A success which he only shares with another Honduran painter Armando Lara.

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Three First Time Adoptive Moms Become Race Organizers
Amy Darr, Tiffanie Upshaw, and Jeanette Sipp-White are all expecting moms, but you would not know it by looking at them. All three are slender and active in different activities that range from busily caring for a family at home to teaching high school and training for a marathon. Coming from downtown Clayton, Kirkwood, and High Ridge, Missouri, each has a unique background and interests. Yet all three of these women who were strangers to each other last year are now connected as they are waiting to be united with a child from Honduras via international adoption.

The steps involved in international adoption form an interesting process that can be costly and demand a lot of patience. Prospective parents may wait up to four years after completing their paperwork to be connected with a child. Yet, the delay in this process, a deep love for the people of Honduras, and a spirit of adventure are what led these expectant moms to organize a race benefiting orphans living on the rough streets of Tegucigalpa. All three have traveled to poorest parts of Central America and shared time and resources with those who live in these communities. Hence, when Amy, Tiffanie, and Jeanette came together around adoption, they also felt moved to work for the brothers and sisters of their children—those that they cannot take home to the United States. They are impassioned by those children in Honduras who face extra challenges. It is not easy to grow up in a country with the HIGHEST homicide rate in the world according to a recent U.N. report where 65% of the population lives below the poverty line (CIA World Factbook, 2011). These children deserve a fair chance at a future too.

After looking at several different ways to make a difference, Amy, Tiffanie and Jeanette decided that the best way to draw attention to the political, social, and economic situation in Central America and to utilize one of their shared talents, running, is to host a race. This race will be unique in that it is not only raising money for Micah 2.0 (a boy’s home in Tegucigalpa, Honduras) but it will also highlight the faces of Honduras and educate participants about the cultural richness, material needs and the inherent beauty of our neighbors living there.

Thus, the Labor of Love 5K and 1 mile run/walk was born. The event and its accompanying festivities will start at the Sons of Rest Pavilion in shady Tower Grove Park at 8:00 on Monday, September 3, 2012. The race will be a celebration of the positive accomplishments of the Micah Project—a place that provides a home, formal education, job training, and character development for boys that previously had to fend for themselves. Already, sponsors such as Flooring Systems, Interface, Page Law, CI Select, CTA , Vantage Credit Union, and Dr. Robert Schlitt have generously contributed over $3,000 to cover race expenses, so that 100% of every race entry will be completely donated to support Micah 2.0. Other sponsors, such as Wellbridge Athletic Club and Spa, Great Harvest, Big River Running Co., Run Janji, Chipotle, yurbuds, First Watch, RoadID, Russell’s Bakery, and Climb SoIll have contributed prizes, snacks, and other race necessities to make sure that the Labor of Love 5K and 1 mile run/walk is a true celebration for all participants. As part of the fun, there will be awards and prizes for the fastest finishers in each age group, attendance prizes, as well as prizes for the youngest and oldest participants. In addition, each finisher will receive a colorful race shirt. Thus, with so many people contributing to so many facets of the race, this labor of love has become a much larger team effort than the three ladies who conceived of it.

For those who are inspired to participate or who want to learn more, additional information can be found at :

Race information:

For the Micah Project in Honduras:
Labor Day, Sept. 3, 2012. 5K at 8am, 1mi Fun Run/Walk at 8:15am. Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO 63110
Start/Finish at the East entrance off of Grand Ave

Facebook page for the race:
(you can find a picture of the boys here)

Micah 2.0 link to race information: (you can register here
and get more details of the race)

Jeanette Sipp-White’s blog:

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Luis H. Padilla – Honduran Painter

After finishing his studies at the National School of Arts in Honduras, Luis H. Padilla (1947) decided to explore a number of languages seeking to increase his knowledge of sociological issues. His first works resemble Mexican muralists, but he quickly shifted towards a more direct and sarcastic figuration, all at the end of the 1960s. Upon entering the next decade, linguistic and conceptual affinity lead him to the “Taller de la Merced” (Translation would be Workshop of Mercy) where he worked from 1974 to 1976. While working in this workshop, his work went through a transformation and he esplored the critical expressionism style.
Now the painting is decanted and is not difficult to establish its iconography. Together with the artist Moises Becerra, we can say that Padilla is characterized by placing women at the center of his art. because of this reason, in Honduras he is considered as the greatest painter of Honduran women.


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Hermes Maltez Armijo – Honduras Painter

It’s easy to see where Hermes Maltez Armijo (1951) inspired himself, almost all of his worked is linked to the critical realism sytel. It is certain that he based his work in some of the Mexican muralists and booming local trends in his academy. Furthermore, he was the protégé of Dante Lazzaroni, an artist accustomed to rigor of the technique and its application to society. In 1971, after graduating from the Honduran National School of Art, he decided to travel to Mexico with the idea to consolidate his profession by studying two years at the School of San Carlos located in capital. On his return, he demonstrated that he was an active artist that could portray social drama in his canvas. It is worth noting his statement: “We must make aesthetic facts about the world around us …”
Below you can see one of his most famous paintings, “El Arador” which means The Plowman :


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Chiminike is the first interactive museum in Honduras, where children have access to educational content and activities.

The museum is situated about 7km south of downtown, it caters to kids of all ages, from a peaceful infant/nursing area to adolescent-level displays on Maya history. Another interesting area is the Human Body exhibit, where children can understand the hows and whys of farting, vomiting, sneezing and body odor, crawlingh through the digestive tract that begins at the mouth and ends with a slide through an oversized rectum.

The other exhibitions in the museum include:

  • Nursery: A playground for babies, where they can interact with all members of your family. These games will help develop all the senses as the baby interacts with the family members.
  • The City: Here children can play and become real engineers and help develop a city. They can also become bankers, radio or television producer.
  • The Human Body:Imagine entering a giant nose, causing tickling to the point that you sneeze. Impossible? NO, thank Chiminike. Here in this room, will not only know the sense of smell, but to know everything about our bodies. DNA, and varies in each of us as our features and even defines our personality, respondiéndonos to the question of why we like our parents, uncles or grandparents.
  • Honduras and its People: The purpose of this exhibition is to understand the different forms of expression in the ancient civilizations focusing on Mayan Culture. Children learn about archeology, the history of the country and the main archaeological sites of the Mayan world, its culture, language and traditions.
  • We travel to Space: Children have the opportunity to learn about space travel and see a real moon rock.
  • Environment: Water: source of life. The environment exhibition explains and teaches children about the benefits of water.
  • The House of Balance: Imagine walking into a house where everything is tilted, but surprisingly things are going up instead of down. In this exhibition children learn about gravity and fisics.
  • External exhibitions: an outside playground where children can climb molecules, DNA and eat a snack in the museum’s wagon.
    • Molecular Structure:
    • The wagon and locomotive:
    • DNA Structure.
  • Energy: The purpose of this exhibition is to teach children everything related to energy production and energy saving. The activities in this room, include the Bed of Nails, Vander Graaph and many more.

By watching the video below you can have a better idea of the exhibitions in the museum.

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