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hermes armijo maltez honduran painterIt’s easy to see where Hermes Maltez Armijo (1951) inspired himself, almost all of his worked is linked to the critical realism sytel. It is certain that he based his work in some of the Mexican muralists and booming local trends in his academy. Furthermore, he was the protégé of Dante Lazzaroni, an artist accustomed to rigor of the technique and its application to society. In 1971, after graduating from the Honduran National School of Art, he decided to travel to Mexico with the idea to consolidate his profession by studying two years at the School of San Carlos located in capital. On his return, he demonstrated that he was an active artist that could portray social drama in his canvas. It is worth noting his statement: “We must make aesthetic facts about the world around us …”
Below you can see one of his most famous paintings, “El Arador” which means The Plowman :


Hermes Maltez El Arador

El Arador 60" X 45"

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