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Welcome to Hondurasarts.com, in our blog you will find all kinds of information about Honduras. This blog has two authors, both of us were born in Honduras on a 20th of November, one year apart. We are very proud to be Hondurans and have started this project in order to encourage people to visit our beatiful country, visit its beaches, learn about its history, read interesting and positive news, learn more about the people that live in this country and specially let the world know about the different types of art in Honduras.

Our first post is dedicated to the typical Gallos de barro. In the picture above you can see  several types of ceramic chicken, commonly found in the households in Honduras. You can see from the picture that they usually are red with paintings of flowers on the chicken’s chest. They are meant to be vases that usually carry water, that is why they have the a handle in the back, so that they can pour through their mouth the water that they carry inside. Now a days, they are used more for decorative purposes on kitchens or at the front of the houses.

These “Gallos” as they are known in the country, are originally from San Lorenzo, a small town in the south of Honduras. When travelling to San Lorenzo, you will see on the edge of the road a huge line of “Gallos” being displayed for the travellers to buy.

This is just one example of different types of pottery made in Honduras, but there are also many other crafts that you will enjoy looking and reading about in this blog.

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3 comments for “Welcome to Honduras Arts

  1. William Figueroa
    01/18/2012 at 6:15 pm

    I was wondering if there was website I could use to get these beautiful Gallos de barro?

    Thank you

  2. admin
    01/22/2012 at 12:27 pm

    Thanks for your comment.
    Unfortunately I don’t know of any site where you can buy those online. Perhaps another reader can leave a tip of where you can buy them in our comments 🙂

  3. gloria c joyce supple
    02/13/2012 at 7:58 am

    The Lenca made this ancient smoke resist cermics during the MAYA late -classic period.In the Americas it extended ( smoke resist decoration called NEGATIVE) from USA( Misissippi tenn) to Central America to South America Columbia> Ecuador> Peru>Chile>Argentina! The technique was re-discovered in 1977 at CHULUCANAS PIURA PERU (another site of Negative VICUS smoke resist)by traditional potter/sculptor/ graphic artist Gerasimo Sosa Alache( 1953- )His discovery led Potters for Peace to visit and take the technique to Nicaragua at Ducuale S Juan del Oriente ( 1984+-) In Honduras it was shared to the Lenca folk in 1986 nine years after the suprising Chulucanas “Back to Ancestry” re-discovery which also was re-intoduced to Ecuador( 1984) Argentina 2006, Brazil 2008 etc.Ron Rivera And Pao Valverde( Alfareros para la Paz) from learning it at Mr Sosa’s Chulucanas Piura Peru pottery in 1984 likewise introduced fine engobe decoration in Nicaragua at the same era and now these talented artists employ the materials long lost by their ancestors giving us a wonderful example of artistic expression and talent as also seen at Mata Ortiz Chihuahua Mexico work of Juan Quesada since 1970 there resulting in top quality”collectible” Contemporary Indigenous Ceramics of the Americas as also those of Sw USA ceramists.
    g joyce spent 12 years as craft promoter of the Chulucanas piura Peru effort 1967-1981

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