Children’s Museum in Tegucigalpa, Honduras – Chiminike

Chiminike is the first interactive museum in Honduras, where children have access to educational content and activities.

The museum is situated about 7km south of downtown, it caters to kids of all ages, from a peaceful infant/nursing area to adolescent-level displays on Maya history. Another interesting area is the Human Body exhibit, where children can understand the hows and whys of farting, vomiting, sneezing and body odor, crawlingh through the digestive tract that begins at the mouth and ends with a slide through an oversized rectum.

The other exhibitions in the museum include:

  • Nursery: A playground for babies, where they can interact with all members of your family. These games will help develop all the senses as the baby interacts with the family members.
  • The City: Here children can play and become real engineers and help develop a city. They can also become bankers, radio or television producer.
  • The Human Body:Imagine entering a giant nose, causing tickling to the point that you sneeze. Impossible? NO, thank Chiminike. Here in this room, will not only know the sense of smell, but to know everything about our bodies. DNA, and varies in each of us as our features and even defines our personality, respondiéndonos to the question of why we like our parents, uncles or grandparents.
  • Honduras and its People: The purpose of this exhibition is to understand the different forms of expression in the ancient civilizations focusing on Mayan Culture. Children learn about archeology, the history of the country and the main archaeological sites of the Mayan world, its culture, language and traditions.
  • We travel to Space: Children have the opportunity to learn about space travel and see a real moon rock.
  • Environment: Water: source of life. The environment exhibition explains and teaches children about the benefits of water.
  • The House of Balance: Imagine walking into a house where everything is tilted, but surprisingly things are going up instead of down. In this exhibition children learn about gravity and fisics.
  • External exhibitions: an outside playground where children can climb molecules, DNA and eat a snack in the museum’s wagon.
    • Molecular Structure:
    • The wagon and locomotive:
    • DNA Structure.
  • Energy: The purpose of this exhibition is to teach children everything related to energy production and energy saving. The activities in this room, include the Bed of Nails, Vander Graaph and many more.

By watching the video below you can have a better idea of the exhibitions in the museum.

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