Honduran Artist – Gregorio Sabillon

honduran-artist-sabillonGregorio Sabillón was born in 1945. His works may be associated by location and language to the artist Julio Visquerra, as both went to Barcelona to learn the ways of Surrealism art style.

In 1971, three years after his arrival in Spain, his work seemed to express his true inspirations and ideas, as stated in the book Honduras: overview of his painting.

That year, his work took a major turn away from figuration, enough to provide an abstract painting, endowed with mysterious and delicate colors, a concept he followed until 1974.

After showing an inclination to the neofigurative branch at the end of the 70’s, he began creating works of art with a surrealism style, which is the artistic line he is currently focused in.

Below his masterpiece “Maternidad” which means Motherhood:


Gregorio Sabillon "Maternidad"

Painting by Gregorio Sabillon "Maternidad" 50" X40"

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