Honduran Artists – Mario Castillo

Mario Castillo Honduran PainterMario Castillo was born in the city of San Pedro Sula, north of the country in 1932. is another artist who had to leave the country to be convinced of his virtues. His artistic training came directly from the Fine Arts Academy in Rome. In 1958, upon graduation, he returned to Honduras to meet the same fate as Hooch and Becerra: to become a professor at the Honduran Fine Arts Academy. Now, unlike them, Castillo returned to stay and teach art to future generations.

Mario Castillo is considered by critics as being the best portrait artist in Honduras. He has continuously and actively participated in many expositions in Honduras and other countries. He is a permanent expositor at the Foundation for the Museum of the Honduran Culture. Among his well deserved awards are the Honorary Mention in the First Annual Gallery for Painting; diploma granted in the First Painting Contest by the National Autonomous University of Honduras; the Great Prize of the IV Annual Gallery for Painting in Tegucigalpa; and the San Vito Romero Medal granted in Italy. In 1995 he received the José Miguel Gómez Golden Crown granted by the foundation for the Museum of the Honduran Culture. On May 1996 he was chosen by Trio’s Gallery to participate at the Biennial Exposition of Central American Galleries in Guatemala.

Below you can see one of his masterpieces, “Sueño de Jacob”, which means Jacob’s Dream.

mario castillo

Sueño de Jacob 70"X60"

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