Honduran Painter – Julio Visquerra

honduran painter julio visquerraHonduran Painter, Julio Visquerra was born in 1943.

He arrived in Europe in the ’60s, after graduating from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Honduras. In Spain, Barcelona he established his workplace and hub, from where he could travel to the neighboring countries, mainly France.

Visquerra’s mission in Europe was not to study more art, but to identify and be identified with the Renaissance realism, Baroque and Surrealism. He visited local museums, galleries and artist workshops regularly to achieve his goal.

On his return in 1988, his painting was already final, codified in theme and style “through the creation of images such as fruit or Mediterranean barroque flowers …” according to the historian Leticia Oyuela.

Below his masterpiece “Carnaval de Ceiba” (Ceiba is a city in the north coast of Honduras famous for its Carnaval):

Julio Visquerra - Carnaval de Ceiba

Julio Visquerra - Carnaval de Ceiba 44" X 33"

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