Honduras Photography

Today’s post is about a personal friend of ours, who has kindly given us a couple of his photographs to display in our blog. His name is David A. Nebel, he was born in the United States, but lived most of his childhood in Honduras. His passion for art could be perceived since his childhood and he followed his dream and decided to study Art at the University of Tulane in New Orleans.
Today we have the honor to display two of his pictures:
rusty truck tinted photograph

The first picture is from a truck that was parked in front of one of our friends house. We always used to play soccer on the street where the car was parked and our ball usually went under it but we didn’t care because we used on of its tires as one of the “poles” of the goal.

Mi Madre y María

This second picture is taken in Comayagua and it is called “Mi madre y María”.

If you would like to contact the artist, plase leave us a comment.

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