Santos Arzú Quioto – Honduras Painter

Santos Arzú QuitoSantos Arzú Quioto (1963) is one of the key creators of contemporary art in Honduras. His first works were based in a modern plastic context, but evolved to eventually turn into something experimental and contemporary. This evolution was very much influenced by his academic background in sociology. In 1982 he made his first public appearance with the sample of paintings called Drawings, where he focused on portraits. In fact, a decade later, it can be seen in his artwork that his expertise relied on portrait paintings. However, in 1995 his work hat an immense turn with his project “Temple in Ruins” or “Templo in Ruinas” in Spanish, which became the backbone of Honduran contemporary art. With this painting Arzú won the first prize in the “III Bienal de Pintura del Caribe y Centroamérica” in (Santo Domingo, 1996). A success which he only shares with another Honduran painter Armando Lara.

arzú la gran metamorfosis

La Gran Metamorfósis (66" x 44")

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