Spend your Summer Vacations in Honduras

Sorry for being abscent so long, but we are back now and have a lot of interesting articles in mind so that you can learn more about Honduras. Since our last post a lot of things have happened, sadly enough the world cup has ended, after a very exciting month, also summer has begun and a lot of people are planning to take their vacations. With this in mind we parepared a list of the top 10 places you can visit in Honduras.

Below we have gathered a list of places you can visit divided into different categories:


  1. Roatan
  2. Utila
  3. Cayos Cochinos
  4. Tela
  5. La Ceiba
  6. Amapala

Tropical Rain Forests and Nature Resorts

  1. La Tigra
  2. La Muralla
  3. Pico Bonito

Ancient Ruins and Culture

  1. Copan

With this list you have a wide variety of places to choose from, each offering different activities, such as snorkeling, diving, white water rafting, hiking, relaxing on beatiful beaches, sightseeing, birdwatching, etc.

If you have have visited another place you would like to add to the list please leave your suggestion in our comment box.

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